Eating with Republicans and Democrats

Over the years, the United States has been divided up in many different ways; North, South, East and West or East Coast and West Coast or Yankees and Hillbillies or the ever taunting Republicans and Democrats. The idea that being a country means we are all the same is ridiculous. Some are old, some are fat, some are intelligent, and some even work for a living. Hell, we are a melting pot of people. But, any way you look at it, we all have to eat.

The recent run for president has brought the political views of each candidate into the forefront of social media and the news. With the South and Midwest normally voting in favor of the Republican party and the West Coast and Northeast usually pulling tabs for the Democrats, let’s take a look at the food each party may be eating on any given day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner menus are usually pretty similar in the protein, starch and green categories , however, they will more than likely differ in their preparations. Check out a few Republican and Democratic regional delicacies and see if they may sway your vote.

Midwest Republicans

Cheesy Hash Browns – Breakfast of champions, or so they say in the south. The casserole of all casseroles piles up hash browns and cheese into a wonderful breakfast side dish. Make the potatoes yourself or use the frozen store bought brands to create magic in the morning. Onions, peppers or even sausage can be added to mix it up a bit for the family.

Sweet Potato Biscuits – These wonderful bundles of joy are fluffy and delicious. They are shrouded in orange zest, nutmeg and smoked paprika and can be made 8 hours ahead of time before baking. Use either mashed and drained sweet potatoes from a can or boil  your own. A perfect addition to the table on Thanksgiving.

Iowa Loose Meat Sandwich – What recipe could be more political than a loose meat sandwich from Iowa? Meat, bun, spices make up a wonderful sandwich for the masses. Families can gather round the table and exchange political views over these hefty belly fillers. Sidle these sandwiches up with a large plate of Idaho Steak Potato Fries and a bottle of hot sauce to complete the plate.

Cincinnati Chili – Skyline is the brand name of the chili served near and around Cincinnati. The flavors meld together and are perfect for bowls, hot dogs and even on spaghetti noodles! Top with cheese, onions and oyster crackers depending upon your plate. Of course, hot sauce is optional but usually preferred.

East & West Coast Democrats

West Coast Grilled Vegetable Pizza – Martha Stewart brings out a typical California style vegetable pizza. Using store bought pizza dough, a hot grill and fresh ingredients will surely make for a great pie. Top with all your favorites. These may include one of the many assortment of cheeses, fresh spinach, diced peppers, sliced onions or whatever your heart desires.

Flounder Packets with Corn – This east coastal favorite is cooked right outside on the grill. The meal is low in fat and low in carbs. Seafood at its finest paired with sweet corn. Tin foil packets have become all the rage when grilling as they don’t leave a mess and the food is steamed to perfection.

Grilled Lobster – Although this site is for rib grilling, Greg has a wonderful recipe for Maine lobster. The site is filled with amazing photos and even a diagram of the lobster itself. Be sure to see his myths and extra recipe for lobster bisque made from the lobster shell. Grill up a few and invite some friends over for the Lobster-fest.

One Pound Stuffed Burger – The west coast may be known for some healthy, lean, and avocado topped meals, but this one goes far and beyond that healthy persona. Hash House offers up a burger of enormous proportions. Its stuffed with mashed potatoes and bacon. That’s right, all the healthiness of a heart attack stuffed with that wonderful ‘cancer-causing’ bacon. Dying this way may be the ONLY way to go.

Well, there you have it voters. A few Republican and Democratic meals to satisfy any American going to the polls. Make one or make all and have your own voting booth set up for the tally. Be sure any of those nasty ‘hanging chads’ are counted correctly and all the necessary condiments are available. Voting may be a pain but eating any of these recipes is nothing short of heaven on Earth.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em and don’t forget your bib!


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