5 beer chicken drummies

It’s five o’clock on a Saturday, the sun is still blazing hot. The pool has been opened for nearly four weeks now and has been full of friends and family ever since. The fridge in the mancave garage is stuffed full of beverages, tubs of salsa, potato salad, coleslaw and the bowl of tuna smelling stuff that the neighbor down the street brought over but nobody has touched.

The mob of pool dwellers have built up an appetite and started staring at the grill. You find yourself short on cash and without your trusty BBQ bible. What to do, what to do? The only way out is to improvise.

Try this Five Beer Chicken Drumstick recipe. This meal really plays well with any type of meat when you are in a pinch (i.e. drumsticks, wings, thick chops, tenderloins, etc). Just remember with any poultry or pig, slow and low will give great results every time.

These barbecued lollipops are perfect meals for kids, as well as adults, because they are left on the bone, inexpensive, and very easy to grill:

  •  If you are lucky enough to realize earlier in the day that this Hyena-type feeding frenzy may occur around 5pm, marinate enough chicken drumsticks in a Ziploc bag with a good Greek or Italian dressing to add some flavor. Let set in the fridge till your guests start to drool. If you are strapped for time, just season with salt and pepper and grill from there.
  • Start the grill, propane or charcoal, and be sure to have tongs, a clean plate, some tin foil, a basting brush, and your favorite sauce(s) within reach.
  • Once the propane grill is up to heat or the lighter fluid has burned off and the charcoal and they become ashen white, place the drummies on the top shelf of your propane grill or over to the side on your charcoal depending on the grill set up. Be careful not to put them directly over the flame or coals because the salad dressing will drip and cause a black smoke that could ruin the looks and taste of your chicken. Remember, slow and low. Close the lid and have your 1st beer.
  • Once you have finished your beer, open the lid and flip the drummies. Close the lid and have your 2nd beer.
  • After that beer, open the lid and flip the drummies. Close the lid and have your 3rd beer.
  • Once you have finished your beer, open the lid and flip the drummies. Close the lid and have your 4th beer.
    • Keep in mind, we are working on the average 15 minute a beer rule. If you are a sipper, this may only be a 3 beer recipe. If you slam the cold ones, you could be through 6 pack before last flip. Either way about an hour is the time frame.
  • After the 4th beer is gone, open the lid and place the drummies directly onto the flame side or hot coal side of the grill. We want to get the internal temperature up now and crisp the skin. DO NOT BURN! Rotate each drummies quickly and often for a few minutes and return to upper shelf or other side away from direct flame.
  • Now you can baste with your favorite sauce. Mix it up a bit and go Barbecue sauce on half on ‘em and try some Caribbean Jerk on the others. Or maybe and Asian Sweet and Sour on half and Buffalo Wing Sauce on the others. Make sure to evenly coat all sides of each drummie with sauce and then re-close the lid. Time for your 5th beer.
  • The end of your 5th beer is the key, because now you get to taste test your hard work (insert laughter here). If the meat comes clean off the bone, obviously they are done. If still holding on or juices are not running out clear, an additional beer may be necessary. Test and finish accordingly. Once completed, place all of them on a clean plate, cover with foil and let rest a few minutes.

The drumsticks should be ready and very tender after your 5th beer has been downed. Pull out the bowls of sides from the fridge, maybe boil some corn on the cob on the side burner, line up the eight foot table in the garage and ring the dinner bell. If you made the spicy drummies, serve with some cool Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing.

A meal that is simple, satisfying, and cooking times dependant upon beer! These little beauties are silverware optional because they are pretty much a hands-on, walk around the backyard, sauce on the face type of meal. Plate or no plate, make sure you have some napkins handy and watch the feeding frenzy begin.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em and don’t forget your bib.


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